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A Great Partnership Matters to Us

We are committed to developing a partnership that is mutually beneficial and meets our partner marketing objectives for their brand.

By forming a unique opportunity to reach a wider audience and placed our partners higher than their competitors and to create awareness through our inbound and outbound marketing initiative set-up by our in house team.

The promotional opportunities that we have are a great way for companies to promote their brands, logos, products and services in order to reach a wider audience for brand awareness and recognition.

Our unique client base allow our partners to be position in the market that will help increase community relations to boost the reputation of a company in its given community that will give a caring and socially responsible image to their current & future customers.

Also, our digital platforms give our partners more avenues to gain 24/7 visibility to reach thousands of audience to gain more exposure to their brand.

Benefits to Become a CRB Sponsor / Partner

  • Brand Awareness & Recognition
  • Event Naming Rights
  • Speaking Opportunities at events
  • Community Involvement & Giving Back
  • Avenue to sell your products
  • Build Brand Positioning
  • Opportunity to distribute samples
  • Lead Generations
  • New Product Launch Showcase
  • Increase Product Visibility
  • Increase Services Visibility

CRB Sponsors / Partners

How to Become a CRB Sponsor/Partner

To learn more about sponsorship opportunities, please complete our sponsorship form below.

Partnership Inquiry Form

Company Name

Contact Name

Website URL


Telephone Number

Email Address

Who is your target Audience?

What age range is your target audience?

What type of digital marketing do you prefer?

Does your company have social media accounts?

If so, please list the name as it appears online