Event Lighting

Event Lighting

Your special event deserves to shine

With that in mind, CRB Entertainment offers top-rated professional lighting for events of all sizes. With the latest in cutting-edge LED lighting technology, you will save money based on low power usage, ensure the comfort and safety of your guests, and enjoy the ability to update colors and lighting schemes. We also offer elegant and eye-pleasing uplighting in 64 colors to illuminate walls, columns and trees – the most economical way to light and brighten your event. When you want to shine, CRB Entertainment can light your event with exciting and sophisticated lighting, create the perfect mood and help your vision become a glowing reality.

Wedding Area Lighting / Up Lighting

From dance floor lighting to customized monogram lighting, and from centerpiece lighting to colorful uplighting, CRB Entertainment will spotlight your wedding day with beautiful, affordable, expert lighting.The right lighting will make you and your guests shine. Even more, uplighting, designed to match your colors, with LED lights will illuminate your space, highlight its best features and add atmosphere to your wedding party.

Pattern/Texture Lighting

Just like artists use texture and patterns to create beautiful effects, pattern and texture lighting at your next special event will add excitement, dimension and shape to your space. Using unique designs, these dazzling lighting effects can turn the ordinary into extraordinary. CRB Entertainment can work with your favorite patterns, holiday or wedding themes, and anything else you want for your next event to create festive, attractive patterns and textures worthy of the spotlight.

Monogram / Gobo Lighting

Monogram or “gobo” lighting gives you the chance to place your personal stamp on your special event. Together, we can create a monogram or template (or use an existing design) and use it to light your conference, dance floor, fashion show or family gathering. Monogram lighting is the perfect way to add impact to any room or any event. Talk to CRB Entertainment today about the perfect monogram for your next event.

Dance Floor Lighting

If you want to dance, dance, dance the night away, dance floor lighting will keep your guests on their feet and moving to the beat for hours. Dance floor lighting can include moving lights, colors, logos, special events, strobes and lasers to create soft effects, a nightclub feel and everything in between. CRB Entertainment offers the best dance floor lighting to keep your guests motivated and moving.

Pin Spotting

If you have something small and significant that you want to highlight – your wedding cake, company signage or guest book area, for example – then pin spotting is the way to go. Pin spotting uses narrow beams of light to showcase important items and areas. It creates a sophisticated look and feel for special events of any size, and CRB offers a variety of options and styles for pin spotting lighting.

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