Your child, while still in the womb, can hear your voice and respond to it. They develop their hearing sense in the second trimester of pregnancy, and around 18th to 20th weeks, they start responding to it as well. Some studies also say that they are also able to recognize voices of those around them while still in the womb.

There is no harm in introducing music to your unborn child while still in the womb. In fact, playing music has proven to be really helpful for the baby to develop.

  1. It helps their brain to develop

Researchers have proved that exposing your unborn child to music while still in the belly helps them learn. If you play the same music over and over again, they will be able to recognize it and it will help them calm  down and even go to sleep.

  1. It will help you keep a track of their movement

Babies sleep for hours in the womb. It is a cozy little cocoon for them, which is away from all kinds of disturbances and distractions. While being pregnant, the biggest fear arises when you don’t witness a movement of your baby during a certain period of time. If you can’t feel your baby moving, you can try playing some music and you will notice little movements and their magical response to the music will help you keep a track.

  1. It will help you relax, protecting the fetus also

While your baby is inside your body, it is affected by your moods, your health and your appetite. If you feel calm and relaxed, it will keep your blood pressure stable and will automatically soothe your baby. Your baby will be immensely affected by your mood; if you feel angry, your baby will have a negative impact on his/her health. Music will help soothe both of you.

  1. They shouldn’t be exposed to very loud music

While it is really fascinating and magical to witness your child’s first movements when the music is played, it should be kept in mind that the music played around shouldn’t be very loud. It is advisable that a pregnant woman should avoid going to movie theatres and cinemas, since loud music can frighten your baby inside your womb.

Some scientists also say that babies who listen to music while still in the womb might be smarter. However, there isn’t any theory to prove this particular research. They might develop their cognitive skills earlier and their brain might develop early while listening to the music, but it doesn’t mean they will prove to be smarter than other babies who didn’t.

Playing music in front of your unborn child is a great way for the pregnant women to take a break from all other activities and connect with their babies, helping them recognize their mother’s voice and soothe them to sleep.