The main attraction at any event has to be its ambiance. If your party isn’t ‘cool’ enough, people will leave it mid-way and refrain from attending any future parties. It’s difficult to survive in a world full of hip parties which people remember for decades. Therefore, a lot of effort is put into parties to make them a hit. However, often in the chaos of it all, you tend to forget things that you really need to focus on and things that can sometimes be tossed aside.

What is it that people actually remember after the party is over? To answer this, we have compiled a list for you to sum up the hits of any party and things that most attendees remember after the party.

  • Bar Station 

The bar is the first place all party goers gravitate towards. So essentially it is going to be the first thing that everyone will remember. Your private bar shouldn’t be occupied by a single server; if you are throwing a big party then you need to have more than one bar tenders. Customize drinks that follow your theme would be an added plus, of course provided the concoction is good. Remember, these drinks keep the party moving so have a variety of drinks. Another great tip for setting up the bar is by keeping classic glassware. If you want people to remember your party, do not serve them in plastic cups.

  • Food Station

Food is basically the soul of a party; serve good food and people will talk about it for months. Select the buffet line-up carefully keeping your guests in mind. Start off with appetizers, these should be bite sized and light so that people can enjoy their meal later. Try going for items that are unique and delicious at the same time. Moving on to the buffet, set the line-up in such a manner that everyone can enjoy. Instead of doing an all Italian or vegetarian theme, mix it up a little. End it with a table full of assorted desserts.

  • Dance Floor Sound Tracks  (Music)

Music sets the mood for the event; thus, it has to be the right volume and the perfect playlist for your party to keep pumping. If your playlist is spot on and people can’t stop moving to the grooves, they will surely remember it when they come back home with sore feet. Hire a DJ who is an expert at setting the mood for parties and trust him (not exactly, checkout the playlist yourself or the DJ reviews).

  • Ambience  (Lighting/Decor)

Another thing that adds to the mood and atmosphere of any event is the lighting. Check in with the theme of your party and set the lights accordingly. If your theme is glamour then go for bright lights, while Halloween parties look spooky using dim lights with blue and green hues. Hiring a lightning company will help bring the lightning all together.

  • Celebrities  (Surprise Guest)

If you have any celebrity guests coming in, your party will be the talk of the town. A famous DJ, singer or model can add so much more sparkle to the event than you can imagine. So, if you really want to give your party that extra something, hire an event manager who can arrange for a celebrity appearance.

  • Location  (Location is everything)

Location of your party is also something that people tend to remember. If you have arranged a party at a resort or your lake house, people will be excited to be there. So, keep that in mind as well.

In order for your party to be a success you need to start planning ahead of time as nothing good will happen at the last moment. Look for pros and cons of everything before actually going ahead with the arrangements. Make sure to set a theme for your party so that everything looks synchronized and not out of place. The above-mentioned things are usually the ones that people remember after a party is over.