It is your Big Day and you want it to be as flamboyant and lively as possible. You choose the best wedding dress, beautifully sculpted by the most renowned designer; you make sure your makeup makes you look absolutely unearthly and you hit the gym more often just to look fit on your most awaited occasion: your wedding.  Just as much attention is paid towards your looks, dress and décor, similarly, the entertainment provided for the guests should be absolutely fantastic and out of this world, so they always remember it and reminisce about your wedding with others.

It is very much “in fashion” nowadays that the entertainment provided to the guests should be in the shape of a band, wedding DJ, or an international singer who comes and lightens up your Big Day. These celebrities are often invited through a really strong reference or agencies who deal with such matters.

But it isn’t that simple.

It won’t be wrong to say that the weddings today cost more than they used to. With the advancement in technology and trending ideas floating here and there, people want to make this day the best day of not only their lives, but also the lives of the guests. For that, they don’t resist to pay the celebrities to make their weddings one of a kind. Global celebrities like Jennifer Lopez, Florence Welch, Stevie Nicks and Enrique have performed at local weddings. Jennifer Lopez charged $2 million at Mikhail Gusteriev’s son’s wedding. But this isn’t the expensive part.

These celebrities need to be accommodated in five star hotels with the top most care. They need there private jets to be used as a medium of transport and as far as the stage is concerned, they need proper sound system and professional set up.  Some celebrities would demand even more than $250,000, but if you aren’t interested in paying them so much, you always have another less expensive option. There are Celebrity DJs and throwback bands that can liven up your Big Day and set the stage on fire with the same amount of energy as the celebrity singers, maybe more. They are more accessible and convenient to hire. A band like Earth, Wind and Fire may cost you $150,000 while Snoop, renowned for his hip-hop music, may charge $300,000.

It is always a good idea to hire a band or singer who can sing in multiple moods. There should always be a blend of hip hop and romance, with just a little hint of groovy and swing music. It depends on the taste of the person getting married as to what kinds of songs they want to be played on their wedding. But, it is always advisable to mix it up and set the dance floor on fire with all kinds of moods. A wedding DJ is more suitable as far as the mixing up and blending of different types of music is concerned. He will set and change the moods and elevate the energy of your wedding.

While it is true that the presence of a celebrity will definitely make the night a very special one, it is also true that they might be a little too expensive. With all the money being spent on other wedding items like dress, décor, food, it is wiser to save some of it and hire a less expensive Celebrity DJ who will also put their entire energy into making your evening really special and memorable, not just for you, but for the guests as well.