There are so many things to consider when planning the most important day of your life. People to invite, budget, venue, church, motif, colors… these are just part of myriad of things that you’ll need to sift through for the big day. Sometimes it can be overwhelming to choose where to start, but by learning what’s hot right now can help you come up with awesome wedding ideas and make planning so much easier.

I’ve narrowed down the top 15 most awesome wedding trends for you:

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8. Destination weddings: Sunny locations such as those spent in Florida weddings are now more relevant than ever. Most of your guests will likely need to travel to get to your celebration anyway, so why not make a weekend out of it? Destination weddings don’t always have to be fancy – keep the budget of your guests in mind too, and plan a little something for everyone to enjoy.

9. Wedding Color Smoke Bombs: Fill the skies with colors of the rainbow that will add a dreamlike atmosphere to your pictures that can’t compare to the old tradition of having sparklers.

10. Rustic weddings: Couples in 2017 are looking for more opportunities to enjoy the outdoors. The options are endless: choose from barn-style setups, vineyards, greenhouses, or a farm. If you have a venue with loads of fresh air and stunning natural scenery, your guests will talk about your wedding for the years to come

11. Ombre: This beautiful way to display color will go well in fabrics and décor. It’s especially breathtaking when used with watercolors as well as pastels especially if you are getting married in the summer. Use ombre on bridesmaids’ dresses, the cake, and even flowers.

12. Casual photos: Instead of the stiff, very formal photos associated with weddings of past decades, couples are now opting for more casual, fun, and candid shots. It’s becoming more common for couples to ask their wedding photographers to stay until the end of the night to capture more intimate moments.

13. Romantic lighting: Couples are no longer opting for colored or fluorescent lighting. It’s all about romantic, soft tones that also help people look better in their Instagram and social media posts. Hanging tree lights and candle lights are a great way to achieve this effect.

14. Pets in weddings: Getting your furry friend to be part of the festivities is a wedding trend we don’t see fading anytime soon. Bring your dog along in the ceremony or even include him in the save the date invitation.

15. Sweet treats: The wedding cake is still there to stay but couples are adding more sweet treats for everyone to enjoy. Have a hanging wall of donuts, or even a slushed ice vendor. You can also jazz up your wedding cake by using it as a canvas for videos. Textile-like prints are also a great way to make your wedding cake more unique.

Added Bonus:  Relaxed ceremonies: In the past few decades, weddings were formal and fussy. It was easy for the couple to be stressed if something didn’t go their way. Today, it’s all about relaxing and peaceful weddings. Do away with the clutter and focus on “relaxing” as the primary theme of your night.