An experienced DJ will create memorable special events. The event is in the hands of your DJ whether the crowd will dance like crazy, tap their feet, or eat and be merry. Music creates a happy feeling and is a very important part of any special event. The whole purpose of hiring a DJ is to please your guest. So why risk the outcome with hiring an amateur? You (the client) deserve to enjoy the event as much as your guests. That is why it is very important to hire an experienced DJ. If you hire an amateur DJ you may risk not having the desired outcome. The goal is for the outcome to be a positive memory for all. The following are a few reasons why one should never hire for an amateur for memorable special events.


  1. Experienced DJ’s have extensive training managing their equipment.

A DJ with experience is well versed in all equipment that is used to create an unforgettable event. They have extensive training on the latest technology. They use their equipment to set a certain tone in the room that will captivate the guest or audience. By doing this, the flow of the music will generate excitement, energy, an awesome feeling, and divine atmosphere. Many may not understand the importance of this special talent. Experience is certainly an important talent and skill that the client will benefit. They are specialized in operating intricate equipment. However, if there are any technical difficulties they will know exactly how to correct the situation without any of the guest realizing there is a problem.


  1. Important of Insurance / Insurance Value

If your wedding DJ is a professional, he will always carry liability insurance to cover any damages to property or people while attending your event, which will prevent you personally from being liable for damages caused by the DJ at the event.   Currently, many Orlando and Tampa wedding venues require DJ’s to carry certificate of liability insurance and if they do not have the required insurance they can refused them access to their premises.  Also, please keep in mind different venues have minimum dollar amount requirements, so check with your venue for the level of PLI coverage that’s required for their venue.


  1. A DJ with experience makes his/her clients and guest a priority.

Experience is a skill that builds over time, through trial and error. Amateur DJ ‘s tend to still be in the building and learning process and may be so excited to be hired they miss out on the important details that will make an event go smoothly or successful. However, a DJ with experience takes the time to learn about the venue, client, type of guest, atmosphere desired, and the theme of event.


  1. The star rating is a factor and worth the expense.

Knowing the crowd and creating a playlists accordingly to satisfy all attending is an art. A professional DJ understands which songs should be played at specific times. It’s similar to a surgeon they know exactly what instrument is needed to move quickly, swiftly and without error. This skill set is developed over time.  Although, an amateur DJ may be very convincing with inexpensive advertising. It takes an experienced DJ to make an event a success from beginning to end.

It is, however, very important to always look for a professional DJ for any special event.

After all, a special event is mostly remembered by the guests who enjoyed it thoroughly. Hiring a professional DJ may cost you more, but it will save you all the hassle and disappointment in the end. Remember you get what you pay for.