Children nowadays show keen interest in learning musical instruments at a young age. As parents, you should know and explore the capabilities of your children. If your child is curious about a certain musical instrument it is your duty to tell him/her about its usage. Many instruments can be purchased at several music stores in Orlando such as George’s Music, Discount Music Center, or Sam Ash.

Children who start learning musical instruments at a young age tend to master it a lot quicker than adults. It teaches them to be more social and open about their expressions. Music is a form of expression that allows you to get through to many others.

There are hundreds of musical instruments to choose from, however some aren’t appropriate for children who are younger because of their finger size or its complexity. Here are top 5 instruments that kids nowadays are learning to play:

  1. The Piano

The piano is said to be one of the easiest instruments to set your hands on at an early age. It is said to increase a student’s IQ up to 3 points. Children with ages 4 and above are excellent candidates for piano learning. World’s acclaimed musicians and composers started to learn the piano at a very young age. One such example is Beethoven, who gave his first performance when he was just seven. Piano teaches young students to read and understand Bass Clef and Treble Clef helping them for future instrument learning as well.

  1. The Guitar

If your kid is someone who has zero experience in stringed instruments then starting off with a guitar is an excellent choice. The guitars have several variations but the most basic ones include electric guitar and acoustic guitar. Both are great options for children who want to learn. Children between the ages of 5 and 8 are the perfect candidates as they tend to learn faster without ambiguity. You should never force your children to learn the guitar as it will be of no use, they will drop it at the first opportunity. Playing the guitar requires a lot of practice, dexterity and patience and in the learning process you become calm and patient as well.

  1. The Flute

The flute is said to be the most melodious and calming of all instruments. Kids who are above the age of 10 are suitable for flute learning. There are no specific sized flutes for children, if you think that your child is unable to balance the flute then ask him to use his left hand. With flutes, you can let your child explore and make tunes himself/ herself. They will surely enjoy the flute once they begin making melodies.

  1. The Drums

The recommended age for children who are willing to learn the drums is 10 plus. Although, at first, the parents might get annoyed because of the excessive noise but once your child finds his/her rhythm they’ll start enjoying it as well. If your child is too young to handle the complete drum set, get him/her a 5 piece drum set for children. It’s a good way to start before getting into the expensive ones.

  1. Double Bass

The best part about learning the double bass is that you get to learn different genres of music such as jazz and classical. It is however a bit bigger for kids but a great instrument for learning. Ideal age for learning the double bass is 6 and above.

There are great benefits of learning musical instruments at a young age. It improves your child’s academic, physical and social skills. It also boosts their morale and self-esteem. Another benefit is the cross culture overlap that teaches them to be patient an