Planning your big day can be challenging, but nowadays thankfully we have technology to help us. Organizing your wedding day and everything else in between can be done digitally. Say goodbye to your pen and notebook, because apps can help you manage your wedding tasks like a professional. Apps are excellent tools that can help you streamline everything from budgeting to wedding entertainment and managing your guest list for the most important day of your life.


Here are the top 8 best wedding apps for planning your wedding:


  1. Appy Couple ( Appy Couple is valued for its highly customizable features and your own wedding website which you can create on a computer or through the app. Choose from over 500 elegant, beautiful designs to match your overall theme for the big day. Appy Couple includes several extremely practical and useful features, such as keeping track of RSVP’s, group messaging, and uploading photos to share with guests who weren’t able to attend your wedding. Appy Couple starts at $39.


  1. Slack ( Slack is actually a group messaging app that has proven time and again to be useful for couples who are planning a wedding. The app can be used to help manage simple communication tasks but it can also be maximized to handle wedding planning. Slack can be used to message other users, such as members of your bridal party about important reminders. You can sync it with Google calendars and other users so that everyone can be reminded of various responsibilities on your to-do list. One of the unique features of Slack is that you can also create a Slack “channel” where people can send in song requests prior to the wedding, which you can then forward to the wedding DJ for corporate entertainment.


  1. Spotify ( : Music will always be an important part of a wedding; but for some couples the overall highlight. Spotify isn’t exactly a wedding app but it can help you compile music in playlists that you can use to suggest to your wedding DJ. The Spotify app works great on all devices, and it’s extremely easy to use. If your reception continues past the DJs working hours, you can plug Spotify onto the speakers and keep the party going.


  1. The Knot ( : The Knot is a free wedding planning app that helps you create and manage checklists for all the important tasks on your big day. You can create checklists for everything from the DJ music you want to play, to the list of invitees It’s also has a built-in budgeting tool which makes it perfect for couples who tightly managing wedding expenses. The Knot also lets you create a wedding website, and if you use this feature, it lets you manage your guest list, invitees, and RSVP’s. If you prefer to send digital invites, The Knot has a feature for this function as well.


  1. Pinterest ( One of the most widely used apps among brides and those in the wedding industry is Pinterest. Although it wasn’t designed to cater to weddings, its ability in helping both supplier and brides manage weddings through their famous boards, which have been useful in providing inspirational sources for design and décor aspects of the wedding. If you prefer to keep your boards a secret, there is also an option to use secret boards.


  1. Wedding Snap ( Weddings are a highly photographed event, both by your guests as well as the official wedding photographers. The EverSnap app lets you collect photographs from your guests so that you can be sure you haven’t missed a single moment. See your wedding from the perspective of your guests by enabling them to upload it to an album for your viewing and curating pleasure.


  1. Vyclone ( Aside from simply collecting videos from your guests, Vyclone lets you combine them all and create a memorable, unique way of viewing highlights from the big day from your guests’ eyes. All your guests need to do is upload the footage and Vyclone will automatically sync and edit to create a film using various angles. You can also further edit the film and remix it to your liking.


  1. Top Table Planner ( Table plans are often overlooked by couples remains to be important for the guests. Nobody wants to sit beside people that they don’t know or don’t get along with. It can be time consuming for couples to plan seats, but with the help of wedding apps such as Top Table Planner, doing so can be efficient and painless. All that needs to be done is to paste in your guest list then drag and drop onto their designated tables. You can keep arranging seats until you are finally happy with the seat plan – without having to resort to a white board or excel sheet.