When guests arrive at the wedding reception, it has become customary to have them write well-wishes and advice for the couple in a guestbook. Wedding sign ins are a sentimental aspect of the wedding as it gives the guests a chance to leave thoughtful words and greetings that the couple can take home with them in tangible form, to enjoy, look at, and reminisce as they please.

While guest books are a practical yet traditional way of doing the wedding sign ins, for a truly memorable experience try these unique and creative wedding ideas:

CRB Top 10 List:

1. A quilt guest book is not only creative but it is also something that you can use in your future home. Guest can write their messages on individual squares of cloth which you can then sew up into a quilt afterwards. Another way of doing this is by sending fabric squares along with the invitations so that guests can send it back with their message when they RSVP so you can sew everything together and show it at the reception. This might take some time to prepare and require crafty skills, but it will be totally worth it!

2. Puzzle pieces can also be used as an alternative to the traditional guestbook sign in for Clearwater beach weddings. Have your guests write down their short messages in the back of puzzle pieces which are usually plain cardboard, then put everything together to create a whole. The entire puzzle can be framed later on and displayed at your home.

3. Some couples save a bottle or two of champagne or wine from their wedding day which can be enjoyed during anniversaries. Why not ask your guests to write down their special messages to you in lieu of a guest book then dance away to the tunes of a professing wedding DJ? Once you do finally drink the contents of the bottle years down the line, it will bring back great memories of your wedding day as you read each note.

4. Guests can also sign small slips of paper that are cut out in different shapes, such as hearts. Later on, you can arrange all of these little pieces of paper and have it framed for display. Paper hearts are the ideal shape to be used for this idea but you can also get creative and opt for other shapes.

5. Polaroid photos are a fun and unique substitute for traditional Tampa weddings sign ins. During your wedding, hire a photo kiosk, even one that comes with wigs and other costume pieces that encourage your guests to act silly. They can then take polaroid photos that are hung in a clothesline that they can place in a photo book with a nice message.

6. You can also have photos of individual guests, or them with their significant other, holding up a blackboard with their message on it. This is a fun way that will also show you the photos of guests with their own message.

7. Have your guests write funny messages and advice on blank coasters, which can are placed on their tables. Later on as you settle into your new home these coasters will come in handy as well as have funny and sweet memories to look back on.

8. Choose a monogram or one that contains a large print of your fingertips with it, and have it beautifully printed out on a large board that leaves a lot of white space so that guests can write their messages around it. This can be displayed later on but if you don’t want the guests to write in the front, you can also opt for them to write their messages in the back.

9. For some date night inspiration, ask your guests to contribute ideas of fun things you can do in lieu of wedding advice or messages. Then have them roll these up in small pieces of paper that you can tie together with a simple ribbon and store in a jar. The next time you and your partner run out of ideas for date night, you can take a paper from the jar and use it as inspiration.

10. Board game sign ins are perfect if you and your partner love these. Celebrate your wedding day by having guests sign on individual jenga blocks that serve as reminders every time you play the game.